What is Direct Care?

Direct Care is an innovative approach to the traditional model of medicine — we provide care directly to the patient, without the intrusion of insurance companies and other third-parties. By eliminating the middle men of healthcare, SDI can provide high-quality care for our patients at affordable rates. We save costs associated with insurance like billing, coding, and office staff, and we pass that savings on to our patients.

When you sign up with SDI, there is no guesswork about the price. We offer our plans at low monthly fees with clear end dates. This allows our patients to budget for their care, instead of worrying about surprise medical fees. Our patients rid themselves of the anxiety of unanticipated medical costs, so, together, we can focus our energy on the journey to wellness. 

Employers, particularly, can benefit by offering low-cost SDI programs to their employees. Monitored diabetes management programs like SDI can help businesses and organizations reduce the hidden costs of the diabetes epidemic — like increased rates of absenteeism, higher insurance premiums, and decreased productivity — all while giving your employees the gift of wellness. Contact SDI today to learn more about how we can help.