Meet the Team

At The Signature Diabetes Institute, we have assembled a highly experienced team who have spent years treating diabetes patients. 

Dr. Arvind Cavale | The Endocrine and Metabolic Institute of Greater Philadelphia
Arvind Cavale, MD

Arvind Cavale, MD, FACE, has been a Clinical Endocrinologist/Researcher/Instructor, in practice in the Greater Philadelphia area since 1999. His philosophy is centered on building and maintaining a strong and healthy patient-physician relationship. He seeks to empower patients through education and support, so they may effectively manage their own chronic diseases. He believes in educating his fellow colleagues and the community, so we can all have a better understanding of chronic diseases, like diabetes, and make progress toward reducing the prevalence of these conditions and the negative impacts on the patient and community. Dr. Cavale believes this can be achieved by combining human ingenuity and the use of appropriate technology. 

Dr. Cavale believes that excellent clinical care can be delivered at a reasonable cost to the patient, particularly when the heavy hand of third parties is minimized and price transparency between the patient and clinic is well established. A sound business model does exist of the ethical practice of medicine, and Dr. Cavale is an advocate in educating and motivating his physician colleagues to get involved in health policy, so that practicing clinicians set the rules they are required to play by and reassert their rightful role as pillars of healthcare.

Dr. Alan Schorr | The Endocrine and Metabolic Institute of Greater Philadelphia

Alan B. Schorr, DO, FAAIM, FACE is a Clinical Endocrinologist, who has been involved in Clinical Research since 1986. He is also a Clinical Associate Professor at a local medical institution and lectures extensively in the US and abroad. Dr. Schorr's practice is focused on new technologies in the treatment of diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2. He is continually seeking new approaches to improve patient care and treatment modalities. His patient-care philosophy is centered on involving patients and their families in all decisions regarding their health.


He takes a "patient first" approach to treatment and encourages education, knowledge, and input on the part of his patient. Dr. Schorr also strongly believes that insurance companies and third parties should assist patients in their care, not dictate it. He encourages a team approach with physicians, educators, nurse practitioners, dietitians, and others to facilitate the best treatment of individuals with diabetes mellitus.

Alan Schorr, DO
Natallia Berila | The Endocrine and Metabolic Institute of Greater Philadelphia
Natallia Berila,

Natallia Berila, RD, CDE, LDN believes that one-on-one therapy is the best way for her, as a dietitian and diabetes educator, to fully understand and connect with her patients, developing the open and trusting relationship needed to develop her clients’ confidence and, ultimately, make solid lifestyle changes in their behaviors that would last in the long run.

Natallia's motto is “You get whatever you settle for," and she continuously works with her patients on building their motivation, developing their mindfulness, and setting realistic goals. Her passion for learning, perfectionism in her work, and unyielding drive for education distinguishes Natallia from the crowd as she tries to be the number one nutrition and diabetes education source for her patients. During sessions, she loves consulting her patients on their nutritional and diabetes needs and guiding them through behavioral changes to healthier lives.

As a registered dietitian and a diabetes educator, Natallia continually keeps up to date on the latest research and trends. In the near future, she plans to obtain her doctorate degree in clinical nutrition.  “In my career," she says, “I will always continue educating myself and sharing  knowledge with my patients so that they can open their minds to pursuing healthy lifestyles and live longer, happier, and more fulfilling lives.”


Natallia belongs to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Care and Education Community Group, Weight Management Community Group, American Anorexia & Bulimia Association of Philadelphia. She is also fluent in Russian, Belarusian, and conversant in Polish, Ukranian, and Spanish.

Lesley Kelner | The Endocrine and Metabolic Institute of Greater Philadelphia

Lesley G Kelner RD, LDN, CDE has more than 25 years of experience as a diabetes educator, through which she has developed long-term relationships with her clients to help them achieve their health goals and work through issues they may encounter when managing the daily routine of their diabetes.

Diabetes is a complex disease that requires continual monitoring and adjustments in the routine of the person with diabetes.  Questions people with diabetes must ask themselves daily include:  What and how much should I eat?  What do my blood sugar results mean?  How is it best to take my medications?  What do I need to do to reduce my risk of other diabetes-related health issues? 

Diabetes is best managed with the help of a team.  The person with diabetes is the center of that team.  They are the ones making the daily decisions.  Lesley is committed to providing the most up-to-date information about diabetes so that her clients can make the best decisions about how to manage it.  She guides them through the treatment of their diabetes and empowers them to have control over it. 

Lesley also specializes in intensive insulin management, insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring.  She is certified to provide training on most insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors on the market to make managing insulin therapy easier.

Lesley believes that diabetes can be managed with the right network of health professional support and that people with diabetes can live the lives they want without their condition controlling them. Her professional memberships include Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, American Association of Diabetes Educators, Diabetes Care and Education Professional Interest Group, and Diabetes Technology Professional Community Group.

Lesley Kelner,